Trent 1000 vs. genx-1b

-- “I agree the A350 can and will hold its own, but will it conquer ?”
-- “I think the A350 is the best there is. It is better than the competition. A further stretch is possible using the existing engine, and it will be better than the 777-9 by 5% to 10%.
But it won't conquer!”
Well (and this is NOT framed as a hostile question), how does one react, now, after all these challenging inputs and seemingly “countering” data ?
Meaning : data favourable, indeed flattering to the A350-XWB family, and in a way that casts doubt, & generates scepticism over the aptitudes of the B777-9 / -8 ?

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Trent 1000 vs. genx-1b

trent 1000 vs. genx-1b


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