Tren ace zyzz

Before Zyzz became extremely popular, he admitted to using steroids on various bodybuilding boards. Since his status has spread, he has since claimed he has not used steroids . I don’t blame him for wanting to cover the past. It is hard to say whether he cycles but the majority of the aesthetics crew uses/used steroids and since Zyzz himself has used them in the past, I do not know why he would suddenly stop. If anything all of the fame has probably pushed him to use them in order to keep making insane progress in order to keep up his image.

Partying in Thailand with Tim Sharky on high grade thai ass, clen, coke, pills the lot all while baking in a 90* degree sauna filled with Sharky's girls going hard to hard style...... I believe Sharky even warned him to slow the fuck down,warning it's super strength everything compared to back home. And If he did have a heart condition.... Time was up unforrunaltely up. But unlike many of this world, hate himd or love him Zyzz left a legacy purely based of the greatest personality and outlook that won't be forgotten and inspire many to chisel up and go make life fun........ Unlike the the haters, who will only ever be known by a username on an unwitty YouTube comment.

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Tren ace zyzz

tren ace zyzz


tren ace zyzztren ace zyzztren ace zyzztren ace zyzztren ace zyzz