Testosterone prop recipe

Syringes 3cc & 5/10cc
18 or 20 gauge needles
mixing Vial
Sterile Vial
Whatman sterile filter
1. Weigh out 5 grams of powder.
2. Place powder in vial.
3. Add BA to the vial.
4. Heat oil in the oven to help sterilize it, heat to at least 212 degrees F. I usually heat my oil at 275 to be sure, I put the oil in a muffin pan, just fill one of the indentions this is plenty for these experiments. Also heat more oil than you need, as you will not be able to get it all out of the pan.
5. Add oil to the vial, save 2 ml of oil in the syringe for later. Gently shake vial.
6. Heat mixture if necessary. I like heating my powder products, by placing the vial in a frying pan, and placing it on the eye of the stove.
7. Place a 18 or 20 gauge needle in the sterile vial attach whatman sterile filter.
8. Place another needle in the sterile vial to relieve the pressure.
9. Draw out solution with a syringe, run though whatman filter.
10. Take other syringe with 2ml oil, run through whatman into solution.

Hi Vanessa, there are other methods to prevent pregnancy that can be both safe and effective if used properly, one of which is using non-spermicidal condoms. As for transitioning off of birth control, you will have swings in hormones and it can take up to a year + to get back to normal, depending on your biochemistry and diligence with using natural supplements. Once off the pill, I like using DIM (diindolylmethane) for xeno estrogen metabolism (I suggest DIM Detox ), taking 2-3 tbs of raw honey and wild pollen mixed (see directions HERE ) to provide the building blocks for hormone production, and 1-2 tsp Gallbladder ND , which provides nutritive support to the gallbladder, which is imperative for those who have been on birth control. Good Luck!

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Testosterone prop recipe

testosterone prop recipe


testosterone prop recipetestosterone prop recipetestosterone prop recipetestosterone prop recipetestosterone prop recipe