Test prop making me tired

well, I honestly don't remember. But pin 3 is the output of the 555, so that should be wired to the base of the transistor. The collector is the positive, and the emitter is the negative side of the transistor, which you will wire up as the "switch" to activate the sound module. Sorry, I dont remember more specifics.

As far as making the sound play, mine just worked when triggered by the transistor. Maybe try removing the diode. Someone told me that I didnt realy need to use them. Although mine didn't work without them. And double-check the diode polarity.

During the night her condition deteriorated and she seemed to be having a lot of difficulty breathing. The following day Georgia was readmitted to hospital with suspected bronchiolitis. It seemed to take forever for the hospital to sort her out. They gave Georgia numerous tests, including a lumbar puncture because it was suspected she may have had meningitis. At about 2am, after hours of waiting, she was diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The probability was that she had caught this virus when she was in hospital overnight because of weight loss and feeding difficulties.

I hate all the things about my gf, her chewing,slurping etc…but one thing no one mentioned is other aounds like a tv coming from a bedroom or the ultimate, the neighbors bass from his stereo. I have moved,had people evicted and even gor in fights over that one. I used to believe I just had superb hearing because others around me claimed the noise didn’t bother them. Now a new condition (or extension of previous) has emerged; I am plagued with a continuous low humming sound that no one else says they can hear. I have been libing with it for about 5 years and am almost nuts because of it. Are any of these things that you experience as well?

Test prop making me tired

test prop making me tired


test prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tiredtest prop making me tired