Propionate tca cycle

Acetyl co A represents Fat component, since the major source is fatty acid oxidation. Acetyl co A is completely oxidized in the TCA cycle in the presence of oxaloacetate. Pyruvate is mainly used up for Anaplerotic reactions to compensate for oxaloacetate concentration.  Thus without carbohydrates (Pyruvate), there would be no anaplerotic reactions to replenish the TCA-cycle components. With a diet of fats only, the acetyl CoA from fatty acid degradation would not get oxidized and build up due to non functioning of TCA cycle. Thus fats can burn only in the flame of carbohydrates.

Wow. I have been eating clean and exercising, in my opinion, moderately for 10 weeks now (about 4-5 this mes a week). The last couple of weeks my muscles really suffered more than usual. It became intolerable finally so much that I I decided to take time off from exercising. Originally it was going on o be a few days but ended up one week. I did feel the inflammation going down significantly in my legs but the exhaustion was terrible. All I want d to do was sleep. And then I had a small toast plate of spaghetti with meat sauce. Within minutes quite literally, I felt like I drank copious amounts of energy drinks. It has remained that way the rest of the day. I feel like I was starving myself of carbs. I felt my fatigue and brain fog lift after I ate the glorious toast plate of spaghetti. Anyone else ever feel this way?

Propionate tca cycle

propionate tca cycle


propionate tca cyclepropionate tca cyclepropionate tca cyclepropionate tca cyclepropionate tca cycle