.The mostly muscle-bound customers were given the "hot goods" sent  by post. Before the training, the bodybuilders had to dissolve,  the with the prohibited substance coated wafers, underneath the tongue.  After more than four years the country's Criminal Investigation Department officer, ended the flourishing criminal der Doping-Auftraggeber des auf freiem Fuß angezeigten Bäckers (66) aus Niederösterreich und Boss der Doping-TheTheThe baker (66) from Lower Austria was released and the boss a 47 year-old manBande soll ein bereits Ende vergangenen Jahres – wir berichteten – festgenommener 47-,  was already arrested - as reported -at the end of last year. Der offiziell arbeitslose Familienvater fuhr einen Porsche und kaufte sich durch den Millionengewinn aus dem weltweiten Internethandel – auch mit anderen Hormonen sowie gefälschten Viagra- The officially unemployed father drove a Porsche and bought with the millions gained with the global Internet commerce - and with other hormones as well as counterfeit Viagra Pillen – mehrere Immobilien im In- und Ausland. Pills - several pieces real estate in Austria and abroad.

9) In case the payment is not settled in time or the objects are not taken, the auctioneer has the right either to demand the performance of the contract of purchase or can claim damages due to the non-performance. Independent from the above the auctioneer can also put this object for auction in one of the next auctions on cost of the purchaser. For the resale in the auction the bidder is treated as supplier and has to pay the corresponding order commission as well as the tax to be paid on it. All transportation and storing costs as well as possible charges for the employment of additional workers, which result in connection with the above, will be deducted from the net profits. The remaining profit will be balanced on the date of the actual inpayment with the
claim for damages acc. to § 367 BGB.