Genesis trenbolone 200 mg

If you buy Tren E from us it is optimal to inject it in two equal dosages per week . The standard dosages of trenbolone enanthate are 200-400 mg / Woche, which equals two injections per week – 100-200 mg pro Injektion. Such dosing will significantly increase the effectiveness of any man . And what if you increase the dose ? Na sicher, if you have a good tolerance , you can take more , but each increase in the dose is associated with certain risks . Do not often use doses reaching up to 800 mg / Woche, even pro-bodybuilders , the effect will certainly be superpowerful , but do not forget about the greater manifestation of side effects and do not take your health lightly .

There are a lot of sites on the internet who claim to have the real Finaplex. The drug is not manufactured by any pharmaceutical company and is presently being made in home made laboratories. While the product may be available, the scale, purity and quality are in question. There have been many reports of fake and contaminated Finaplex products on the market. One of the chief reasons why anabolic steroids fail to work is because the real steroid is not present as an ingredient. Many products bought from these internet sites have been examined and found to contain other products or contaminants. Since it is illegal to sell anabolic steroids online, it is doubtful that the real “Finaplex” is available. The only sure way to know is to analyze the steroid in a laboratory.
Even in the field of veterinary medicine, the drug is under strict control.

Genesis trenbolone 200 mg

genesis trenbolone 200 mg


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