Anadrol mid cycle

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yeah... im looking forwards to that, my joints are now screaming for a gallon of decas ultra soothing properties giving them a bath with some angel wing goodness lol.... running 1200mg of EQ at the moment and its just not hitting the spots like deca... maybe its because ive destroyed them too much.. who knows?.... after the gyno exp i am coming off everything.. even TRT dose and doing a long PCT then just just running GH and PEPS for about 6mths to give the body a total break from steroids... not that there is anything wrong with me i just feel i need a really deep,long detox then come back with some mint fresh receptors hopefully to regain the "feel" i used to get but no longer experience due to being on long blasts........... so again,, even more experimentation even at this level of usage.

Anadrol mid cycle

anadrol mid cycle


anadrol mid cycleanadrol mid cycleanadrol mid cycleanadrol mid cycle